How To Sell Your House For More Than It's Worth 

The only way someone pays more for a house than it's when they are in competition with other buyers for your house.

The competition creates the emotions of scarcity (fear of loss) and social proof (if other people are making an offer it must be the Best) in your potential buyers.

These emotions are what will get them to pay more for your house.

To create this "competition" I do a massive amount of marketing and promotion (that I pay for out of my pocket unlike other agents) for a mega open house when I list your house market.

These buyers will all be running into each other at your mega open house making your house look much more popular than all the others on the market.

Then I make sure the agents representing the buyers know other offers are coming in so they need to make a very strong offer if they want to get your house.

That is how I get a bidding war started and push them higher than what a regular agent could sell your house for...

I want you to know that I do business completely different than all other agents... 

And it virtually guarantees you of two things:

1. One is that your house will sell for more than it's worth and

2. The other is that you would end up with way, way more money, bottom line than you can get any other way...

Would you say that's definitely what you're looking for? 

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"I'm dedicated to selling your house at the highest price, in the least amount of time, and with NO hassles!"